Beacon X.
Let your customers be in control.

No more missed pickups.

With our accurate predictions of the arrival time of the collection vehicle, your customers will never miss another pickup. All information about contracts and planned pickups is easily accessible in the application.

Towards high quality waste.

Give your customers all information about their waste with our dashboards. What happens to the waste after it is picked up? How much waste did the customers produce this month? Together we work towards less waste of better quality.

Dynamic collection.

Through our application clients can easily request pickups or other services. Our algorithms make sure each request is being fulfilled in the most optimal way.

Select the components that fit your processes.
Information on the arrival time of the vehicle
Access to pickup and contract information.
Allow your customer to make changes to the current contract.
Insight into waste.
A waste analysis tool to analyze created and collected waste.
Statistics on sustainability and waste quality.
Allow your client to follow their waste form pickup to processing.
Effortless contact.
Allow your clients to easily request new pickups.
Directly communicate with the client.
Automatically resolve client requests.
Ready to get started?
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