Client X.
The application for managing the process.

Data-driven efficiency.

Our algorithms use all relevant information about the city infrastructure, travel restrictions, driver preferences and crowdedness. They work for any vehicle: traditional waste collection trucks, electric vehicles, bikes and more.

Actionable insights.

Realtime and historic information about the full process. Follow the drivers and analyse their progress. Use our machine learning engine for predicting the expected waste amounts and types to always be prepared for tomorrow.

A client management system that saves you time.

Manage client contracts, product lists and possible service requests. A fully integrated invoicing system allows to automatically incorporate all client requests. Set up rules to automatically solve customer requests.

Select the components that fit your processes.
Machine learning engine for predicting the expected waste streams.
Historical analysis of the driven routes, made requests and collected waste.
Fast data-driven insights to optimize fleet use.
Optimal for all vehicles, waste types and container types.
Various optimization options: clusters, minimize travel time, minimize used vehicles.
Dynamically adapt routes during the day.
Process monitor: follow the real-time progress during the day.
Resolve client and driver requests manually or automatically.
Full customer management solution and invoicing.
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