Dispatch X.
The ideal help for the driver.

Always optimal.

Our routes dynamically adapt to the driver’s choices and are able to incorporate any last-minute changes in the pickups. The routes are optimized for any city- and vehicle-specific restrictions.

Effortless collaboration.

Was a container bin not placed outside in time, are you stuck in traffic, or is there another problem? Communicate it easily through the application to the administration, other drivers or customers.

All information a click away.

Make a note of the relevant pickup information at each address. Note what type of waste was collected, make photo’s, and scan the containers in case these are sensor-equipped. All data is immediately transferred to our algorithms for analysis.

Select the components that fit your processes.
Always the optimal route.
Follow the progress through the map-based process monitor.
Insight into time window locations and last-minute pickup changes.
Customer not present or wrong waste presented? Easily make a note of this for the administration to resolve.
Last-minute changes during the day are automatically incorporated in the routes.
Communicate with other drivers.
Tick off visited locations and make notes on the collected waste.
Scan containers or make pictures for faster processing.
Note any problems you encounter
Ready to get started?
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