Let waste management be
  • Efficient.
  • Dynamic.
  • Data-driven.
Our Smart Waste platform uses a combination of data, machine learning and state-of-the-art optimization with user-centric applications to help you streamline the full waste management process - all the way from collection to recycling.
Efficient planning, based on data.
With the insights from our digital twin you will always know what waste streams to expect where and when. Adapt the schedule and routes to future scenarios, analyze the quality of the collected waste, and communicate to the recycling companies what waste they can expect for optimal recycling.
The benefits.
Minimize congestion, dynamically adapt the process to changes during the day, and respond faster to customer and driver queries. Personalize the software to your process requirements with our modular components.
Always optimal.

Startup in residence: streamlining waste collection in Amsterdam.

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