Flexible optimization.
Incorporate all vehicle and city restrictions.

The route that the vehicle can drive to collect the waste depends on various among others the time windows of the customer, the type of vehicle, the restrictions in the city or the preferences of the driver.

For every problem.

Our optimiation algorithms help you find the best ways of collecting the waste streams. No matter how complex your precesses, you have tens or thousands of locations to visit - our algorithm ensures you always have the optimal route.

Incorporate all restrictions.

To minimize traffic flows in cities, municipalities can impose restrictions on certain vehicle types. For example certain areas can only be accesed by electric vehicles, other areas should be avoided in general between certain time slots. We maintain a detailed graph, or map, of the city which incorporates all city restrictions and driver preferences and uses the GPS driving time estimates obtained from DispatchX for a data-driven and flexible optimization.

The classics and the state-of-the-art.

Our algorithms are based on a combination of classical mixed-integer linear programming solvers and machine learning algorithms for finding the optimal schedules and routes.

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